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Obama hopes to persuade all Americans to accept homosexuality.

President Barack Obama says that while he’s dedicated to expanding homosexual rights, many Americans still cling to what he calls “worn arguments and old attitudes” … sort of like clinging to our Bibles and our religion.

Those worn arguments and old attitudes Obama says Christians cling to are biblically based.  Whether people or the president agree with them or not, it is what God has instituted and He has not changed His mind.

Obviously if you are a Christian then belief in the Bible and what it says is a necessity … if you don’t then so much for a person being a Christian.  People can’t have it both ways.  Obedience to God’s Word … the Bible …for the Christian is not an option though people can make the choice to disobey.

At a recent White House celebration of Gay Pride Month, Obama said he hopes to persuade all Americans to accept homosexuality.  “There are good and decent people in this country who don’t yet fully embrace their gay brothers and sisters – not yet,” said the president.  “That’s why I’ve spoken about these issues – not just in front of you – but in front of unlikely audiences, in front of African-American church members.”

Obama acknowledged that many Americans still disapprove of homosexuality … and rightfully they should.  “There are still fellow citizens, perhaps neighbors or even family members and loved ones, who still hold fast to worn arguments and old attitudes,” he stated.

The arguments and attitudes from a biblical perspective may be old and worn but they are true and relevant.  There is no new way to be a Christian … if you don’t like the only way then you just won’t be one!  It is not our way …  it is His way.

Obama added that Congress should repeal what he referred to as “the so-called Defense of Marriage Act” – and that his administration is working to pass a hate crimes bill and to repeal the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy on homosexuals in the military.  These are just more attacks on God’s ways being substituted by man’s ways.

The audience at the White House ceremony included Episcopal Bishop Gene Robinson, whom Obama introduced as a “special friend,” and other homosexual clergy.  The term homosexual clergy really is a contradiction in terms and ultimately they are deceivers, whom God will judge most severely due to their self-appointed roles as preachers and teachers.

In the coming two weeks, we likely see a major turning point in American society – the first time in history that biblically orthodox Christian beliefs could officially be placed on the wrong side of the law – with the pending vote on the anti-faith “hate crimes” bill that is expected in the Senate within the next few weeks.

Christians and pastors will be jailed just for teaching the Bible and the truth about sin … what God says is sin.

But that’s not the only congressional threat to people of faith. The latest shocker is that some in Congress want to use the Department of Defense Authorization bill in such as way that it could discriminate against pro-life servicemen and women or military recruits!

The Obama White House and the Reid/Pelosi Congress have created a flood of bills and initiatives that dramatically impact our faith and families – more than we could have planned or budgeted for. We need to defend our faith and families while exposing how the rapid overreach of government power is undermining our values.

Take a stand and tell the Senate to reject this bill.

This cap-and-trade bill heading to the Senate will raise energy costs, increase unemployment, and weaken the economy, if enacted.

The Washington think tank The Heritage Foundation estimates that House-approved legislation (219-212).limiting greenhouse gas emissions will hit consumers with a 60% spike in gasoline prices and a 90% increase in electricity prices, after inflation.

David Kreutzer, a senior policy analyst in energy, economics, and climate change at Heritage, says Congress needs to hear a bigger uproar from taxpayers about the economic impact of the bill.

“But we will also find that virtually everything will go up in price because everything uses energy, and energy gets much more expensive. So we find that the impact per household will be, for a family of four, about $3,000 per year for the first 24 years, and that’s as far out as we analyzed it,” he notes. “The CO2 caps get drawn down lower and lower and lower even beyond that, so the cost will continue to rise.”

Kreutzer says although the cap-and-trade bill faces tougher sledding in the Senate, President Obama was able to successfully employ “arm-twisting, tradeoffs, and back-room deals” to pass the measure in the House. So Americans “can’t rest if they don’t want higher energy prices,” advises the Heritage analyst.

Obama continues to twist things to get his way!

Temperatures seem to be dropping everywhere but at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), where Warming Or Coolingleaders are on the hot seat for burying a report on global warming. Days after the House passed an expensive Cap-and-Trade bill to reduce greenhouse gases, even the EPA’s own employees saying it is unnecessary. In a deplorable cover-up the agency hid a report disputing the threat of climate change. EPA Analyst Alan Carlin wrote 98 pages deconstructing the global warming phenomenon, only to have it concealed by the EPA’s leadership. Carlin told Fox News that his boss told him to stop working on the project, which found that global temperatures are actually cooling.

Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) is launching an investigation into the incident, telling reporters yesterday that the EPA fears the truth. “We’re going to expose it,” he said. Hopefully, he will manage to do so before the Senate delves into a Cap-and-Trade bill that will not have any measurable effect on the atmosphere but could ship an estimated 2.5 million U.S. jobs overseas … on top of the tremendous costs to every American taxpayer.