Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

In the coming two weeks, we likely see a major turning point in American society – the first time in history that biblically orthodox Christian beliefs could officially be placed on the wrong side of the law – with the pending vote on the anti-faith “hate crimes” bill that is expected in the Senate within the next few weeks.

Christians and pastors will be jailed just for teaching the Bible and the truth about sin … what God says is sin.

But that’s not the only congressional threat to people of faith. The latest shocker is that some in Congress want to use the Department of Defense Authorization bill in such as way that it could discriminate against pro-life servicemen and women or military recruits!

The Obama White House and the Reid/Pelosi Congress have created a flood of bills and initiatives that dramatically impact our faith and families – more than we could have planned or budgeted for. We need to defend our faith and families while exposing how the rapid overreach of government power is undermining our values.

Take a stand and tell the Senate to reject this bill.