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Posted by straight shooter on February 5, 2008 under Political, Social Concerns

Many people think that a universal health insurance sounds great … and it does in principle. But what if it means having your wages garnished, paying an extra tax in April, paying a fine, or facing some other financial mandate?

It’s a question that continues to follow Democrat senators Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as they make their last minute pitches for Super Tuesday voters.

On the TV program “This Week with George Stephanopoulos” Clinton yesterday left open the possibility that her health care program would garnish the wages of people who didn’t comply. (Doesn’t surprise me … isn’t that what all “good” socialists do – take more from the backs of the soon-to-be working poor.)

“We will have an enforcement mechanism, whether it’s that [garnishing wages] or it’s some other mechanism through the tax system or automatic enrollments,” Clinton said.

She did take the idea of fines off the table, however. Fines are a feature of the Massachusetts Health Plan.

Clinton says a mandate is necessary in order to create universal coverage. (A coverage that would cover all the illegal immigrants, and continue to cover those on welfare that are able to but not willing to work, while again the middle class continues to work not taking time for their health due to their work schedules.) Obama’s plan does not cover all Americans, but he argues a mandate could force economic burdens on those who can’t afford to buy insurance. (Can you say increased taxes!)

This dispute raises a difficult question. Some surveys show that a modest majority of Americans believe the U.S. should have universal healthcare. But most of them think reforms should be built around private insurance, not a government program that will increases taxes.

Socialists liberals are taxers. They always have been … this won’t change because their basic belief is that they can handle the citizen’s money (yours and mine) better. They believe they are more intelligent than you or I, and a little thing called equity … the leveling out of economic disparity … the spreading out of the money from those work to those who don’t – and in most cases don’t plan to. When we go along with them we are allowing them to think they are smarter than we are … and maybe they are if we don’t stand against these dangerous ideologies.

The question is still there though: How can health care be improved? A good start is to take the CEO’s and others in the top echelons of the insurance companies and reduce their million dollar and six figure salaries. Many pose as non-profit organizations … really! Not for profit organizations are suppose to be build on serving people not serving the board of directors, the share-holders (how can that be?), or the CEO and management. Maybe some IRS pressure if they don’t comply?

The next great problem in the cost of health insurance is how the government passes the buck – literally. They impose the cost of welfare health care, including 20 plus million illegal aliens, onto the states and the hospitals through black-mail and coercion. The states and the hospitals have no choice but to treat everyone as it is mandated by the federal government or they won’t get their federal monies and subsidies. The catch 22 is the federal monies are not enough to cover the costs so the hospitals and providers charge extortionist prices for tests, surgeries, and procedures to the insurance companies, of those who have insurance, to try to recoup some of the money they have lost giving so much welfare treatment. This causes the price of insurance coverage to climb sky-high and still doesn’t cover the cost of the freebies … thus causing many hospitals to shut down in high welfare areas.

Once the federal government and the insurance providers change their practices then people will be able to obtain health coverage at a reasonable rate. Going to universal healthcare will not be cheaper it will be a great deal more, and then to put it into the hands of government with no accountability and the mismanagement that is already vivid … no thank you Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama!