Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on September 7, 2009 under Economy, General, Patriotism, Political, Social Concerns

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately, especially after all these non-elected czars being appointed. Then after watching this deal with Van Jones go down the concluding question is WHO in government actually cares about America, the people and the Constitution?

While the Van Jones controversy has been transpiring, where was the outrage from Congress, irrelevant of the party stripe, about a self avowed communist having the President’s ear. In addition to the communism thing, all of his other idiotic statements were out there, some for a long time, and still, nothing from Congress! Only after public outrage got vehement and was blasted all over Fox News (who themselves were way behind the curve on this), did some republican Congressmen voice their opposition to Jones being in any position of authority.

There should have been intense outrage at the lack of opposition from Congress. This makes me believe there are no patriots in Congress who took their roles and responsibilities, that We the People have charged them with – as in, upholding and defending the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic! Seriously, where were the brave men and women in the Congress who would rise up and put their collective foot down on this administration’s active erosion of civil rights and Constitutionality!? There was NOTHING on their sites about it. Nothing on the news (even Fox) from them about it. They were sitting back and being as quiet as the mainstream news, meanwhile Facebook, Blogs, Twitter and others were lit up and going insane crying out begging for someone, ANYONE to listen …

So as the democrats are actively looking to take this country into the realm of socialism/communism, the republicans are content to sit back and watch silently as the democrats drive the bus off the cliff! ARE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE WILLING TO LET THIS HAPPEN?

This should be an emphatic NO!!!!

Democrats, get out the hard left, this Marxist left you are in and surrounded by! Republicans, clean up your party and get your voice and feet to action, your silence is inept!

Maybe it’s time for another party … that is actually for the people?!