Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on February 8, 2008 under Environmentally Speaking, Political

A headline on the popular UK website,, screamed “Global Warming Sees Polar Bears Stranded On Melting Ice.” The article was accompanied by a photograph of two polar bears standing atop a small iceberg. They had a forlorned, defenseless look on their bear faces. It was so sad.

But then … I couldn’t help but wonder if the frightened look wasn’t from the helicopter hovering overhead as the Envirophotographer came in real close to snap his pictures. It couldn’t be because the polar bears were lost or homeless … this is what they do, this is where they live. Polar bears can swim! Check it out at Sea World. Can you lose a bear on a piece of melting ice? Can’t they just swim to the next piece of ice, then the next piece, and so on. Sometimes if you listen long and hard enough to Global Warming advocates, you’d think the entire ice cap was already gone. But indeed it still stretches for thousands of miles, even if it has melted at all. I doubt very much there are any stranded bears out there due to global warming.

But this picture sure tugs at our hearts. The poor little bears. They are all stranded out there. Thousands of them, hugging onto little ice cubes, nearly drowning. And it’s my fault. If we had just signed Kyoto … (That’s for another time.)

Frankly, as a Christian and human being, I am concerned about the environment. We are suppose to take care of the earth … the focus being on “take care of” not worship it. I’m not prone to believe this constant stream of emotional nothingness. How about some real science and evidence. Interestingly enough the real proof is not there – just conjecture. I think it’s ironic that the same atheistic liberals who demand I offer up some PROOF that my God exists now expect me to believe, without proof, that Planet Earth is on the brink of death.

I need more than a photograph!