Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

I am more and more convinced that these new Democrats want as many Americans as possible living in poverty and ignorance, dependent upon government, Democrat Government, for food, clothing, shelter, heat, electric, cars, trucks, everything possible and more. This is what uninformed voters or voters on the take cause.

What is going to happen to America after the producers (taxpayers) quit working because the Democrats take too much out of their paychecks in taxes and productive work just isn’t worth it anymore? Gee, that sounds like what happened to the Soviet Union.

But seriously, just who will the Democrats tax to support the extravagant Democrat spending and the lifestyles of their voters? Democrats have pandered to those who don’t pay taxes to buy their votes, and left so few of us paying taxes, to be redistributed to those on the public dole, that Democrats are going to be in a real bind to support their paid-for voters in very short order. Then what will the Democrats do? Seize property and give it to their voters?

Oops! They already did that with GM and Chrysler! The bondholders got taken and the Unions got 55%! This stuff used to be illegal but not under these New Democrats. What happened to that “Shining City On A Hill” that Ronald Reagan spoke so proudly of?

What a sad day for America. All I can say is the American people had better wake-up and start fighting for this country, and I mean quickly, or Obama and the Democrats are rapidly going to destroy this country. They are systematically, like a Blitzkrieg, moving this country into Fascism and Stalinism. I wouldn’t have believed it were possible if I haven’t been seeing it with my own eyes. If this madness doesn’t stop the possibility of Americans rising up and supporting a Revolution is in our very near future.

Our Founding Fathers warned if Government got out of control of the people, that it would be proper to replace it and start all over again removing the power from Washington.