Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on January 20, 2009 under Political, Social Concerns

Barack Obama is going to fix everything, right? That’s what the liberal media keeps telling us: he’s young, he’s personable, he’s the sum of everyone’s hopes, he’s the new FDR, the new Lincoln. He had nothing to do with the recession or the credit crunch or the mistakes that were made in Iraq or Afghanistan or any of the other old-regime bad things. This handsome JFK-revisited guy is going to magically sweep away all those bad things with his magic new broom. Right?

Wrong. The land we love has been hijacked by a bunch of left-liberal fruitcakes. They don’t have much of an idea how to fix the economy. But they do know exactly how to ruin your life. And they will. In Welcome to Obamaland: I Have Seen Your Future, and It Doesn’t Work, British author James Delingpole reveals how. Delingpole has seen it all before: Obama is intent on implementing policies that have already been tried and failed in Britain — not that that country’s Socialist elite has noticed their failure. He explains how, over the next four or eight long, weary years, our taxes are going to rise, our standard of living is going to drop, and — maybe the worst thing of all for free Americans — our liberties are going to be curtailed.

Socialists, he explains, don’t believe in freedom — and Socialism is what we’ve got now. The Democrats won’t call it that, says Delingpole, but the results will be the same. They’ll dress it up with nice-sounding phrases like “equality,” “fairness,” “social justice,” “freedom of choice,” “environmental care,” “affirmative action,” “multiculturalism,” “carbon emissions reduction,” “negotiated settlement,” “ethical foreign policy,” “animal rights,” and “consumer protection.” Under those guises, they will push for higher taxes (needed to fund all the big, new government programs Obama will assure us are necessary to ensure fairness and economic justice); enact stringent gun bans; implement government controls, initiatives, and busybody interference in your life in order to meet the imaginary threat of manmade global warming; plunge America into the nightmare of inefficiency known as socialized medicine; perpetuate the great liberal cultural death wish of unrestricted immigration; and pursue appeasement of America’s enemies.

But take heart. Delingpole concludes with a number of reasons for conservatives to feel consoled even as Obamamania sweeps the nation and the world. In Welcome to Obamaland, he provides conservatives with solid arguments and evidence to convince friends and coworkers who have drunk the Obama Kool-Aid to curb their enthusiasm.