Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

In another attempt to lay a guilt trip on the United States for not signing Kyoto, a UN report will soon tell us that developing nations such as China and India are reducing greenhouse gas emissions by more than Kyoto Protocol standards. The implication of course is that if China can do it, then why not the USA and Western Europe? Once again, it’s America’s fault!

The UN report is an outright fabrication, even preposterous! But even more shocking is how the UN and China say they’ve accomplished this great feat.

The fact is China is awash in unregulated pollution. The respected journal, Geophysical Research Letters, recently reported that air pollution is out of control in China. “Antiquated factories billow smoke, many residents still use coal to heat their centuries-old houses, and a sharp increase in car ownership has bathed the motorways in exhaust fumes,” the report concluded. USA Today wrote in April 2007 that outside of Beijing, local chemical factories dump wastewater directly into the Feng Chan River, which is now black as ink. Nearby canals are so discolored, locals call it xiao hong he, or “little red river.”

Do you want to see if for yourself? NASA images trace the Asian plume as it propagates out over the Pacific Ocean all the way to the West coast of the United States! See it with your own eyes:

What makes the UN draft report even more outrageous is the manner in which China claims to have reduced emissions. Hu Tao of China’s State Environmental Protection Administration proclaimed at a conference in Oslo last month that China “is doing a lot” to control emissions by enforcing it’s one-child policy. The less kids … the less pollution. Is this what’s next for Kyoto? Save the earth: Kill babies!

Human rights organizations, including the left-leaning Amnesty International, say that China enforces its one-child policy through bribery, infanticide, selective-sex abortions, and even forced abortions. Gao Xian Duan, former Chinese population control administrator, testified before a US House subcommittee in 1998 regarding her participation in nationwide forced sterilizations and abortions.

This is one more reason the United States should not only abandon any attempt to sign on to Kyoto, and keep the control of emissions in the hands of America, but to abandon the UN altogether. What is a cooler earth worth when babies are slaughtered anyway? Indeed the polar bears will not only live long and prosper … they will have the earth to their own.