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Posted by straight shooter on March 4, 2009 under Political, Social Concerns

How is it that our universities, once the envy of the world, have become staging grounds for demonstrations in support of Hezbollah and Hamas and against Israel and America?

How have our classrooms become bizarre laboratories for radical feminists who insist that sex differences result from brutal male oppression? For Marxist ideology, when Marxism is dead and discredited everywhere other than on our campuses? For divisive propaganda about white racism when America has never been more color blind?

How, in short, did indoctrination replace education in our once-proud institutions of higher learning?

In the course offerings of 12 major academic institutions, from Columbia University on the east coast to the University of Southern California on the west coast, that comprise a representative picture of higher education in America. There are more than 150 courses that were pure indoctrination. Here are some of the examples from One Party Classroom:

  • A “Whiteness Studies” guilt curriculum at the University of Colorado, featuring classes such as “Remedial Education for White Folks,” “Whiteness: The Power of Privilege,” and “The History of Whiteness.”
  • At Arizona State University, the sociology department offers a course in “Collective Behavior and Social Movements” where students are given credit by the instructor for participating in protests organized by local gay, feminist, and pro-illegal immigration groups. If they don’t participate they fail.
  • At the University of California at Santa Cruz, a course on “The Politics of the War on Terrorism” informs students that the Bush administration lied to make the case for the war in Iraq and denies that the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center were carried out by Al Qaeda. (“How did Bush and Cheney build the fiction that al Qaeda was a participant in the 9/11 attacks?” the course description asks).

If these were only isolated examples … but alas they are the rule, not the exception. At the Columbia University Teachers’ College, for instance, prospective primary and secondary school teachers are force-fed a series of books on “Teaching for Social Justice” edited by former Weatherman Bill Ayers.

There are some 10,000 college courses in American universities and colleges teaching students to hate America, support her enemies and work for a “revolution.” Ten thousand courses devoted to indoctrination, not education.

The chance you have to turn the tables on the tenured radicals who have turned their classrooms into indoctrination chambers is by hitting the universities who ignore or enable them where are most vulnerable – in their pocketbook. Let school presidents and boards of regents know you are sick over a curriculum of indoctrination. Appalled they are teaching hatred of America and the west with malicious fictions that encourage racial, ethnic and gender division.

Similar indoctrination is rampant in the public school system. The major reason due to the teachers being education by indoctrination themselves.