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Posted by straight shooter on March 31, 2009 under Economy, General, Political

It’s the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, Stupid

In 1992, Bill Clinton defeated George Bush, by campaigning on political consultant Jim Carville’s theme: “It’s the economy, stupid.”

Here we are again – up to our necks in economic quicksand. Again, politicians, pollsters and pundits think we have a problem with the “economy.” And, of course, we do, and we need to work on it … but are we only treating the symptoms? Are we just trying to stitch up the patient without removing the tumors?

The economy is the symptom, not the disease. Unless we remove the moral and spiritual “tumors” that affect many in the White House, Senate, House, judiciary and right down to the citizenry, that sent us to the Emergency Room in the first place, we can expect neither a quick nor a lasting recovery … if any at all.

If the economy is the symptom, what is the disease? In January of 1984, President Reagan spoke to the National Religious Broadcasters Association in Washington, D.C. Here’s a portion of his speech:

“Government bureaucracies spend billions for problems related to drugs alcohol and disease. How much of that money could we save, how much better off might American’s be if all of us tried a little harder to live by the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule? I have been told that since the beginning of civilization, millions and millions of laws have been written. I have even heard someone suggest, it was well over several billion laws. And yet, taken all together, all those millions and millions of laws have not improved on the Ten Commandments one bit.”

In a lot of ways, Ronald Reagan was right. By getting away from the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule we, as a nation, have been going into a downward spiral of selfishness and greed. Let’s accept responsibility for our quandary and repent so we can move on in the right direction. Right choices will bring back real freedom and stifle immorality, liberal philosophy, and socialistic endeavors.

I would like to hear more preaching on 2 Chronicles 7:14. I would like to hear more spiritual leaders speaking out against the underlying disease. I would like to see more Christians in the marketplace and the public square “out themselves” as believers and make a stand – even if it turns out to be a last stand. And I would like to see us get back to the moral and spiritual underpinnings that made this country so great.

God needs to be getting more glory. How? It’s the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule, stupid 🙂