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Christian legal group battles FDA over ‘morning after’ pill

I thought it was the FDA who was suppose to be the “safety monitors” when it came to drugs, yet the court is going to bully the FDA for the agenda of pro-abortion political activist groups over the safety of our young people?

The Alliance Defense Fund is seeking permission to intervene in a court decision ordering the Food and Drug Administration to sell the “Plan B” pill to minors.

The Plan B pill, otherwise known as the “morning-after pill,” is a very strong dose the same hormones used in oral contraceptive pills.  Some doctors believe it could cause an abortion to an expectant mother. Matt Bowman is an attorney with the Alliance Defense Fund.

“This is a case where pro-abortion activist groups have put their political agenda over the health of minors by attempting to force a court to expose them to a troubling drug,” he contends.  Bowman says there is no research on what potential medical problem the Plan B pill might cause for a minor.  He adds that most minors who will be given the pill will happen without parental knowledge.

“We’re representing thousands of medical personnel to get involved in this lawsuit because they’re concerned that the court’s order will result in both parents and doctors being left out of the loop in the care of these children who are seeking these powerful drugs,” he adds.

The health and well-being of children should be more important than the political agenda of pro-abortion activist groups, Bowman concludes.  This is not the courts business … twisting arms and taking authority over those who have the legal authority.  What the court is doing here is really illegal.