Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on July 9, 2009 under Education, General, Homosexuality, Political, Social Concerns

The blindness of the American public has been developing by intention since the 1960’s. Most special interest rights groups were targeted by Marxists for ideological control. (Told by a one time member of the American Communist Party.) If Marxists expressed themselves as “communists” no one would have listened to them. Instead, they worked their way into the leadership of various advocacy groups and began conning people within the groups and changing the ideology to a socialistic one. Thus, so called “women’s rights” groups could care less about the rights of conservative women, or Christian women, or women who oppose abortion, etc. To them all that matters is the socialist agenda as far as it can be advanced by women, or Blacks, or Hispanics, or the environment, etc. They are used as pawns.

The media and public school systems were also a primary target of Marxists, just as Marx exhorted them to do. Our young people, and young voters, are showing the effects of this kind of “brain washing” today. Brain washing from indoctrinated professors and teachers utilizing revisionist textbooks and materials that are tailored to the message they desire to have communicated.

This causes people, and special interest groups, today to be willing to see and embrace what they want from Obama, and at the same time steadfastly ignore what is wrong in the consequences of such actions.

I hope that enough people will come to their senses, see Obama and other liberals/socialists for the con artists they are, and where all of this is heading to, if the behavior doesn’t change and put an end to voting these crazy narcissists into office.