Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on February 8, 2009 under General, Political, Social Concerns

President Obama’s hopes for a spirit of bipartisanship, if it was there for the right reasons, sank the moment Republican leaders got their hands on the bill’s fine print. A bill that was pre-created by a select handful of liberal socialist Democrats with no input from Republicans or moderate Democrats. A bill that is so full of pork and paybacks it is astonishing. A bill with very little real stimulus but massive spending. A bill that will change America forever and for the worst. A bill that the American people will be forced to accept. A bill that will pass.

Even though the American people seem to be catching a new wave of skepticism about this liberal plan it will be too late. According to the latest Rasmussen poll 63% of voters are now not in support of the President’s plan. A plan that reeks of government control and social engineering. A plan that will burden multiple generations in many ways. A plan that was devoid of real change. A plan that has changed a projected hope to hype!

As the shady elements of the stimulus are unveiled more people are understanding what’s at stake. Even the New York Times confirmed an article that the “Stimulus Offers Road to Retooling Social Policy” with “little notice and no public hearings.” This bill did not come from the usual process with normal public hearings. All normal processes were fast-tracked.

Any later “compromises” in the bill have not been comprehensive but token in nature. After all, the Democrats continue to remind everyone that they won the election, and they will pass the bill and authorize Obama’s social agenda. The Democrats really only sought Republican assistance so when the bill fails to stimulate they can have someone else to share the blame. I applaud most of the Republicans for thus far showing real backbone against this unprecedented government expansion.

The audacity of hope was railroaded by the audacity of hype!