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Posted by straight shooter on February 9, 2009 under General, Social Concerns

University of Cincinnati Hosts Week of “Sexploration”Pornography

The University of Cincinnati is preparing to host a weeklong event promoting pornography.

“UC Sexploration” week is sponsored by Pure Romance and the University of Cincinnati Wellness Center.  Yes, “Wellness Center” as if this is going to support wellness in some asinine manner!  The university itself is propagating and supporting this event.

The event featured lectures by so-called sex experts, free sex kit giveaways, and a “Pizza and Porn” night.  Isn’t that what every college needs a “Pizza and Porn” night?!  I wonder how many women will be raped that week?  Does that sound like the place you would like your daughters to be?

The Wellness Center’s program director, Reagan Johnson, said this, “We’re using this to showcase that porn is not necessarily a bad thing.”  WHAT?  Who is paying this guy?  Oh, your children’s tuition!  It makes me question if the porn industry (that has proven to be so good for families!) is making a donation to the University of Cincinnati.

The message of pornography is that women exist for the sexual gratification of men.  I thought this was the message institutions of “higher learning” were suppose to be squashing and actually educating against?  This message from the University of Cincinnati is the wrong message to be sending to college students today.

The university spokesman says concerned students and parents need to make their concerns known to the University of Cincinnati.  He points to a recent study that shows 75% of UC students have had one or more sexual partners in the past year.  So, that makes it healthy to increase that number with a weeklong orgy?

This is one university that is proving there is no intelligence on their campus, so if you want an education that will teach your intellect instead of your physical gratification, this is not the one to attend.

If anything, any place of higher learning ought to be discouraging that kind of activity instead of encouraging it with these kinds of seminars and activities.

By the way, the final event of the “Sexploration” week was called “sexcapades.”  Participants were invited to test their “sex smarts” in a series of physical and mental challenges and win “great prizes.”  Some, undoubtedly, will come away with sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancies, abuse, and yes, even raped!

I wonder what idiotic thing they will try next year?