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Posted by straight shooter on September 20, 2008 under Patriotism, Political, Religion

Once again Muslims make demands in America … and outrageously another company caves into their demands. They demanded to have breaks and meals times changed to accommodate Islam’s Ramadan.

In fact, earlier this week 300 Muslims walked off the job at a JBS Swift & Company meatpacking facility in Grand Island, Nebraska, and marched on city hall, complaining that they were denied time to pray at sunset during their month of Ramadan. Then, two days later the union announced that the company agreed to accommodate the Muslims’ demands.

On Wednesday the president of the local United Food and Commercial Workers Union said management at the Nebraska plant had agreed to temporarily change the timing of the second-shift lunch break to accommodate workers wanting time to pray at sunset during the Muslim observance of Ramadan. The company says the arrangement will be in effect for the remainder of Ramadan – through the end of this month.

This is not the first time Muslims have foisted their religious demands on private companies. At the Hormel plant in Austin, Minnesota the exact same problem took place. Not only that, this is going on all over the country. This is not localized to just one or two or three meatpacking plants. In fact, a similar incident happened recently at a Swift plant in Greeley, Colorado.

Groups of Muslims are demanding that others accommodate to their ways. They are trying to set a trend in America where their wishes and their holidays and their prayer time will be absolutely not only acknowledged but honored.

It is wrong to cave to the demands of those who are not Americans. Is there another nation on the earth where we can infiltrate and try to force our ways, beliefs, and culture on their citizens? No! Americans do not make those kinds of demands – and definitely no one would accommodate us in their homelands. Islam has become the politically correct religion of choice if America and if this trend continues, we are in serious trouble here.

If the non-Muslim employees walked off to city hall to protest the moving of their lunch hour, they would be fired. What other job do you know of where you can just walk out and not be fired on the spot? If they want to pray during their lunch hour … fine, but don’t ask everyone else to move their lunch hour. Christians cannot insist on a specific time off to pray. They have no choice on working on Sundays … they would be fired.

When people accept their job, they accept the condition of employment. Work time, place, benefits, salary, etc. This was a wildcat strike. Swift should have fired all of them. It would have sent a clear message to all Muslims in this country. If you don’t like it you can leave anytime you wish.

I say that when anybody comes to America from another nation legally they need to assimilate into our culture – not demand America to change to accommodate them. If they are illegal … it is time for them to return to where they came from. Muslims in America need to understand that they are not in a Muslim governed country. If they can’t handle that they need to go back to their country of origin.