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8 GOP Votes Paved Way For Unnecessary Climate Bill

President Barack Obama and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi scored a major victory with the House’s approval of a landmark climate bill – thanks to help from a handful of Republicans who have been deceived by the climate fear mongers who do not have science on their side.

In Friday’s vote of 219-212, the legislation was supported by 211 Democrats and 8 aisle-crossing GOP members: Reps. Mary Bono (Calif.), Michael Castle (Del.), Mark Kirk (Ill.), Leonard Lance (N.J.), Frank LoBiondo (N.J.), John McHugh (N.Y.), David Reichert (Wash.) and Christopher Smith (N.J.). It is obvious these GOP members are just Liberals hiding in Republican clothing.

What amazed me was 44 Democrats voted against the bill which was because they are either becoming educated to the truth about climate change fear mongering, or it is a tax increase issue and they want to be re-elected. Unfortunately it is probably the latter even though I wish it was the former.

House Minority Leader John Boehner was right when he said after the vote. “This is the biggest job-killing bill that’s ever been on the floor of the House of Representatives. And I don’t think that’s what the American people want.”

According to The Associated Press, the “cap-and-trade” legislation places the first national limits on emissions of heat-trapping gases from major sources like power plants, refineries and factories. It requires:

– A 17% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020.

– An 83% cut in greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

– That 20% of all electricity in the United States be generated by renewable sources and/or more efficient methods by 2020.

When you add the spinoff costs to the Congressional Budget Office estimate, due to increased manufacturing, transportation, and retail costs that will be passed back to the consumers,  some estimate up to $3,000 a year  per average household.

The 1,200-plus-page bill now goes to the Senate, where it faces an uncertain future … hopefully defeat … as this legislation by definition is really a national energy tax. We will have many more such taxes as long as the Obama administration is at the helm.

Republicans need to clean up the party and be truly conservative as they are expected to be or they will not be elected in the next elections. The place to start is to get rid of these 8 who voted for this climate bill.