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Posted by straight shooter on June 5, 2009 under General, Political, Religion, Social Concerns

Quotes from President Barack Hussein Obama at the Cairo University on Thursday, June 04, 2009.

“Throughout history Islam has demonstrated tolerance and racial equality.”

“My father came from a Muslim family; I know civilization’s debt to Islam.”

“America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition.”

“America is not and will not be at war with Islam.”

“9/11 had led some in my country to view Muslims with fear and as being anti-human rights.”

“Changes brought about by globalism made many Muslims view the West as hostile.”

None of these are accurate … in fact they are consider lies by most Americans and not representative at all to them.

Please tell me about Islam’s demonstration of tolerance and racial equality … you can’t … history shows there is none.

What debt does civilization owe to Islam … convert or death to the infidel? … civilization owes Islam nothing.

America is exclusive and what on earth and why would they want to compete with Islam?

9-11 had nothing to do with Muslim human rights but everything to do with a terrorist war against the West on American soil … indeed taking away American human rights. Islam’s human rights records are atrocious.

Globalism is not what made Muslims view the West as hostile … the Koran and Islamic teachings did!

How anyone can actually make these statements in an Islamic country is ridiculous!