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Posted by straight shooter on July 28, 2008 under Social Concerns

Write this letter to your children and say it verbally as well . . .

Dear Child,

As long as you live in this house, you will follow the rules. When  you have your own house, you can make your own rules. In this house we do not have a democracy. I did  not campaign to be your parent. You did not vote for me. We are parent and child by the grace of God, and I accept that privilege and awesome responsibility. In accepting it, I have an obligation to perform the role of a parent. I am not your pal. Our ages are too different. We can share many things, but we are not pals. I am your parent. This is 100 times more than what a pal is. I am also your friend, but we are on very different levels. You will do, in this house as I say, and while you may ask questions, you may not question my authority. Please remember that whatever I ask you to do is motivated by L O V E. This will be hard for you to understand until you have a child of your own. Until then, trust in me. With love and utmost sincerity,

Your Parent