Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on March 14, 2009 under Economy, Political, Social Concerns

It appears that Barak Obama is moving full speed ahead to destroy the economy. Why? Perhaps Obama, as one report claims, knows exactly what he is doing and is purposely throwing our economy into chaos to put Americans in a position where they will be clamoring for a savior, paving the way for government takeover of a once-free people. Remember he has had a lot of input into his life from Marxist and socialist ideologues from associates and academia.

Whatever the reason, Americans will have to revisit the foundational principles that have made it the greatest nation on the face of the earth if we are to recover the principles of liberty under God. These biblical principles have provided restraints on American capitalism to compassion for people, and they will need to be reaffirmed and publicly acknowledged. The word “virtue” must once again become part of the American lexicon.

Even as the Obama crowd would waste no crisis in advancing their agenda, so should the people of God see this as an opportunity to rise up, exercise leadership and see America once again enjoy God’s favor as we publicly acknowledge that we again want to be “One Nation Under God.” Should the Church not stand up and lead the way?