Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

The US House has passed a new “hate crimes” law which is outright dangerous.

The recent killing spree by self-confessed white supremacist, Benjamin Smith, has prompted the State of Indiana to consider enacting “hate crime” legislation. Why is this necessary when first-degree murder is already considered a crime in all fifty states and warrants the death penalty in the state of Indiana. It seems that having one’s body pumped full of lethal drugs for the purpose of death is punishment enough! Will being convicted of a hate crime double the dosage?!

But hate crime legislation has nothing to do with law and justice. It’s an attempt by political action groups to squelch the First Amendment rights of anyone who dares oppose that particular group’s beliefs. Our country was built on the premise that every citizen with a soap box – or a computer – has an inalienable right to express his or her opinions freely. And so, conspiracy theorists, left-wing radicals, racists of all colors, and multi-level marketers of snake oil are allowed to share their view in the media, Internet sites and so on. And equally important Americans have the right (or used to) to accept or to peacefully challenge those opinions.

Hate laws attempt to criminalize thought! Yes, punish to the full extent of law white supremacists – or any other group of sociopaths – who kill their alleged “enemies” through the existing laws that are there for those purposes.

Some day our ideas and beliefs will be targeted and then criminalized by lawmakers who have buckled under the pressure of some powerful political action group who dislike our views and thoughts!  They will think their thoughts are the only “right” thoughts!”

Does that not sound dictatorial to you?  That’s because it is … right from the communist playbook.  You know the one that Hitler, Stalin, et all the dictators have used.

Think about it. Speak out about it.