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Posted by straight shooter on April 23, 2008 under Abortion, Environmentally Speaking

An estimated billion people celebrated Earth Day around the world yesterday, but few seem to understand tEnvironmental Extemismhe true motivation for this day. It is not just another reminder to use recycled paper or drive energy-efficient cars … one day out of the year to make everyone feel like they have contributed to save the earth, which is very much alive, from dying. The greater, usually lower key, objective is a calculated attack on the sanctity of human life. Population control is, and has been, inextricably linked to the environmental and abortion movements.

For years, the Sierra Club and other “green” militants have said that the best way to consume fewer resources is to have fewer children. Their own website says, “Talk to your decision-makers and demand an increase of funding for voluntary family planning programs and access to comprehensive sex education for young people.” This is the plan to keep the abortuaries and Planned Parenthood busy.

Last year, Optimum Population Trust released a paper that was even less subtle. It claimed that children are “bad for the planet” and called on nations to reduce the global population by five billion – which would only be possible by forced abortion and sterilization. Something they are willing to do … something that is unnecessary.

And how could we forget Barry Walters? This is the Australian professor that published an article last year advocating a “baby tax” for every couple with more than two children. The interesting thing is that most of the people having more than two children could never pay such a tax.

The driven “so called crisis” of the day is global warming. Not only is it alarmist capitalism trying to find a new way to extract money from everybody possible, it is not even true. We have had weather and climate cycle changes for years and it will not change. But even this is just another excuse to fund “Planet” Parenthood and similar groups.

The bottom line is that the stewardship of God’s creation is the responsibility of every Christian. Yes, take care of the earth in a responsible manner but let’s use a balanced manner to do so – not an extremist.

We must realize that there is a greater threat to the environment than climate change or scarce resources – and that’s the threat of environmental extremism that elevates the planet above people. That is exactly what the global warming scare tactics do.

Maybe Christians should do this on another day to show good stewardship … not on the day where the focus is the worship of planet earth and the support of population control via abortion, sterilization and euthanasia?