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Posted by straight shooter on July 31, 2009 under Abortion, General, Health Care, Political

Abortion Mandate RealityLast night abortion coverage had been explicitly included in the House bill as mandated taxpayer-funded abortion. The measure, which was debated during the Energy and Commerce mark-up, passed 30-28. Not only does the Capps amendment ensure that abortion will be covered, but it also requires that an abortion plan be made available in every U.S. region … so those states who have pro-life guidelines will be now overthrown.

For months it has been identified that taxpayers would be forced into the abortion business as part of health care “reform,” and Planned Parenthood denied it. MSNBC, NARAL, Daily Kos, and the “religious left” have all accused those who stated that of misleading the public about the existence of an abortion mandate. Now there’s further proof. The Capps amendment wasn’t needed to verify that abortion would be included in the final package. All voters need to know is that Congress has had the opportunity to ban abortion coverage outright a number of times, and it didn’t. Multiple amendments have now been offered by pro-life members to specifically prohibit taxpayer-funded abortion as part of these bills. And every single one – including last night’s – lost.