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Posted by straight shooter on March 21, 2008 under Political, Religion, Terrorism

In this day of multiculturalism and political correctness, Christians should have been prepared to learn that a New Jersey school district recently chose “Christian Crusaders” as an imaginary terrorist group for its first live action hostage response drill. To portray the terrorists, the school district organizers made-up a right-wing fundamentalist group that denies the separation of church and state. Then, they created a fake hostage situation instigated by the supposedly angry parent of a student expelled for praying.

The stated goal of the event was summarized nicely by the district superintendent. He claimed that, “You perform as you practice. We need to practice under conditions as real as possible in order to evaluate our procedures and plans so that they’re as effective as possible.” While many comments could be made about the phrase “as real as possible,” the most critical aspect of this issue is a deeper consideration.

Sadly, this is not the first time a school district had deliberately steered clear of the obvious terrorist groups, deciding instead to pick on Christians. For example, three years ago a Michigan school district substituted a group of crazed Christian homeschoolers called “Wackos Against Schools and Education” for their mock terrorism drill to avoid offending any Muslims.

Chalk it up once again for the politically correct anti-Christian crowd … trying to call the sheep wolves and the wolves sheep. I would be careful of those wolves they are giving sheep makeovers to.