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Posted by straight shooter on April 9, 2009 under Economy, General, Political, Political Terrorism

This “energy tax” will be devastating to all Americans. Estimates have cap-and-trade adding more than $3,000 a year to every American’s bill for gasoline and energy.

In Pennsylvania, for instance, it would mean the doubling of monthly energy bills, whether it’s natural gas or electricity. In more than half of America that’s a huge deal, because in October there is no choice – you have to turn your heat on and that heat will stay on usually through the month of April.

It is also a reduction in the American standard of living due to the potential for job loss in our country. Businessmen are savvy and preemptive and they are looking at what President Obama wants to do with this new tax on energy. Because that’s what this is, a tax on the right to use and consume energy – as if energy didn’t cost enough already.

You might as well call this the ‘China and India Stimulus Plan’ because China and India have said, they were not going to have any part of a cap-and-trade system. So that means American jobs will leave and go overseas fleeing the United States for other countries..

The only way the cap-and-trade plan can be stopped is if the American people rise up and say “NO!”

Senator Harry Reid plans that by the end of August the cap-and-trade bill go through. That gives you, the American people, a little time. These are very real implications – not just for businessmen, not just for a few Americans, but 100% of Americans will be impacted by this new tax on energy.

If you procrastinate now it will cost you …