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Posted by straight shooter on January 19, 2009 under Abortion, Political, Social Concerns, Theological Concerns

Physician-assisted suicide is legal now in Montana, although the court ruling legalizing it is under appeal.

Doctor-assisted suicide has been legal in Oregon and recently in Washington, but Rita Marker of the International Task Force on Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide says what sets the situation apart in Montana is that the ruling has no boundaries or safeguards.

“So you have a situation where even the flimsiest, and really pretty useless, safeguards that are in the Oregon law, and in the Washington law when it goes into effect next month – those aren’t even in place in Montana,” she explains. “So you pretty much have something wide open.”

This law will be used frequently in Montana. “Of all the states, [Montana] has the highest suicide rate in the entire nation,” Marker notes.

The court’s decision here obviously makes it too easy on terminally ill residents who want to die. All they have to do is phone in their request, and then a prescription for a lethal overdose could be mailed to them. Wow, what a concept “Death By Mail!”

The court’s action could be considered judicial activism among other things, according to Marker. “It’s judicial activism, judicial malpractice, judicial arrogance – all of those things,” she concludes. “Without question.”

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