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Posted by straight shooter on January 31, 2005 under Political, War

The front-page headline in the USA Today says, “An enormous day” in Iraq. The front-page picture shows an Iraqi man lifting up his aged mother so she can cast her ballot.Yes, it was an enormous day, but not just for Iraq, but for all who love freedom. This was a proud day for America and all who have been supporting our troops, and our President’s resolve.

Already we are seeing a 180-degree shift in attitude from the major media outlets that all but condemned the war and the President’s push to bring freedom to the region.

According to USA Today, news anchors from NBC, ABC, CBS, and CNN all described how the situation in Iraq has gotten better – not worse.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper said, “Something changed today. People are feeling about things a little bit differently.”

Give credit where credit is due.

While most of the news focus is being put on the Iraqi people and their heroic efforts to vote, one cannot forget who the true heroes are – the ones who are truly responsible for making this day possible – the U.S. Armed Forces.

Yes we hear about the bad, the tragic death toll of our troops, the unfortunate torture of prisoners (whose perpetrators are being, and will be, dealt with severely for their actions) – but what about the good?

The troops have rebuilt the infrastructure of Iraq, including roads, sewers, schools and hospitals. They have trained armies, police and security forces all the while looking over their shoulders for the next suicide bomber. These are the true heroes of the day – the brave men and women who have put their lives on the line to usher in a new dawn of freedom in a faraway land.

We need to commend their efforts and those of our Commander-in-Chief who dared to dream an impossible dream.