Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

A little control over the media would be a good thing, according to California Attorney General Jerry Brown. Brown came out in favor of the Fairness Doctrine while appearing on the Michael Savage radio show this past Friday night.

The Fairness Doctrine would require and enforce radio stations carrying conservative talk show hosts to give equal time to dissenting liberal commentators. In essence, the left-wing Democrats and President Barack Obama are relying on the Fairness Doctrine to be a great hindrance to conservative talk radio, and work towards driving conservative talk radio off the air.

Conservatives are in the minority in the media, and many in Brown’s Democratic Party would like to see the conservative talk show hosts taken off the air via the Fairness Doctrine. Brown stated the current situation of having talk radio dominated by conservatives allows for “one-sided presentations.” Hmm, I wonder who would benefit from that, with no voice to bring the left to task? … taking away our freedom of speech to silence any dissenting voices from the socialist doctrine. I’m sure the left wouldn’t be one-sided!

Former President Bill Clinton, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and Sen. Debby Stabenow have all called for the re-establishment of the doctrine. All three want conservative voices constrained in the media. This would allow them a one-sided party propaganda machine … even though they have close to that currently.

Brown said, “I think we need a robust range of opinions on the air.” He added that “a little state control wouldn’t hurt anybody” and said that anyone who would warn against the doctrine was “paranoid.”

Really? I wouldn’t say those against the Fairness Doctrine are “paranoid,” I would say they are “realists” about exactly how this anti-free speech doctrine will affect the freedom of our country with a one-sided voice from the left. What Brown meant was a fixed playing field so the outcome of the game would be in favor of the left.

The big picture of this Fairness Doctrine is aimed at silencing conservative voices … taking away freedom of speech.