Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

Here is a link to the ObamaCare health plan. You better read it because you will be forced to live with it unless you do something about it!

Here is an overview of the ObamaCare health care bill (HR 3200) which Congress is about to force every citizen to live under, except members of Congress.

Members of Congress will be exempt from being forced into this plan. They will have their own. The liberals, Democrats and some Republicans – while forcing you to join the plan – refuse to include themselves. Members of Congress will have a better plan which gives these elitists the freedom you will be denied.

ObamaCare will include abortion, healthcare rationing (especially seniors and special needs care no matter what age), doctor choice elimination, increased taxes in many ways and areas, the equivalent of family police where government comes in and tells you how to raise your children, and much more you need to be aware of.

ObamaCare is a nightmare. It is Marxist in its approach and application.

You can read the attached updated and revised overview file of HR 3200 as compiled by Liberty Counsel.

Or, go to the full text of HR 3200 and read directly from the government website what this bill does! It is true you will probably need a lawyer to understand it but thankfully the Liberty Counsel took time to translate some major portions. Most of the politicians haven’t even read it!

Your Senators and Representative will soon be home for the August recess of Congress. Get a car load of friends and go meet with your Senators and Representative. Find out where he or she is holding Townhall meetings. Go to those meetings and ask for some answers! Some of them may try to avoid discussing ObamaCare. Don’t let them!

Find your Senators and Representative local offices here through the American Family Association website.

Take Action!

E-mail your Senators and Representative,asking for a schedule of their Townhall meeting during the month of August. Once you get the information, get a carload of friends and attend the Townhall meeting.

• If your Senators or Representative is not holding Townhall meeting, ask why not.(We have been told that many of those favoring ObamaCare aren’t holding meeting because they don’t want to answer questions about ObamaCare.) Then ask for an appointment at his or her district office nearest you.


I know socialized medicine as I was under it for over 30 years and continue to see how it has deteriorated since I moved to America and watch the poor care my relatives receive back in Canada, which is rife with rationing and lack of services, let alone doctors. It does not work in the long haul … health care in America will be so much worse if this is adopted! And, it is far from free for those who work.

I understand the system needs to be reformed but this is NOT the way!