Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

While liberals like to talk about “rights,” it is becoming ever clearer that those rights are only reserved for whomever the Democrats deem deserving.  Men in dresses, homosexuals, and statutory rapists who bring underage children in for an abortion all deserve special rights.  However, unborn children, Christians and conservative radio hosts do not.

One “special interest group” that the liberals have warred against over the years is parents.  When it comes to issues like education, abortion, and medical information, today’s liberals – most of them Democrats – have consistently supported legislation that removes any decision-making ability from a child’s parents.

Yesterday the House had a chance to vote on a Motion to Recommit (MTR) presented by Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) on H.R. 5876, the STOP Abuse Act.  An MTR is a procedural move that returns a bill to committee to amend it.  This MTR would have required parental consent before distributing any prescription medication, including contraception and Plan B.  The Democratic leadership, fearing that rank-and-file Democrats would join the Republicans and protect parental rights, instead hastily pulled the bill from the House floor.  House Republicans deserve praise for standing up for mothers and fathers – it’s a shame that the liberal leadership thinks they know better than parents what’s best for children.