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Posted by straight shooter on April 24, 2008 under Political, Religion, Terrorism

christian-martyrdom-vom.jpgEvery night on the news we hear updates of violence in Iraq. The war continues and commentators debate whether American soldiers should be there or not. We hear little of the positive changes that are happening, but what we do not hear about is the plight of Christian nationals in Iraq. For those who are, or convert to, Christianity, a spiritual war wages every day … not just in Iraq but in all Muslim countries.

The efforts to silence, intimidate, and kill the infidels (all those who are not Muslim … especially Christians) resonates from the mouths and hearts of those devoted to the Koran and to Mohammed. They have no problem killing those who will not join them … even if you are family.

When *Muhammad first converted to Christianity from Islam, he kept his new faith a secret. In fact, the first person he told outside of his wife and son was a Christian named *Joseph. He knew the risks of sharing his faith with others in his homeland of Iraq but felt led to do so anyway. So he then witnessed to his extended family. Following radical and normal teachings of Islam, his family members killed *Muhammad. (*Actual names changed to protect the families.)

*Muhammad’s widow sent *Muhammad’s friend *Joseph an e-mail after the martyrdom of her husband. She wrote: “I have bad news. *Muhammad is dead. Our family killed him for sharing his new faith in Jesus Christ. I miss him dearly. *Muhammad left me two important things: my son and our Bible. I’ll never forget why he died. He died for Jesus. I believe Jesus will help me. Tell the people [other Christians] to pray for me.”

Muhammad’s widow and son are now being supported by VOM’s (Voice of the Martyrs) Families of Martyrs fund. VOM reaches out to families who have been victims of severe persecution and martyrdom. Weekly the martyr cases increase.

America is silent on the martyrdom of Christians and the ethnic cleansing of Christians from Muslim countries and the countries they are taking over by the “sword.” Check out the Koran.

Shame on the politicians who continue to ignore such atrocities as the lives of people are sacrifice daily.