Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

So Al Gore braved the winter storm and the world’s sense of irony to testify before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on global warming. As usual, Mr. Gore’s testimony was riddled with scientifically questionable claims and hyperbole passed off as indisputable facts: “This would bring a screeching halt to human civilization and threaten the fabric of life everywhere on earth … And this is within the century, if we don’t change.” As usual, Mr. Gore’s claim of a scientific consensus that, “The scientists are practically screaming from the rooftops” went unchallenged despite more and more scientists coming out as skeptics. And as usual, Mr. Gore’s standing to profit from alternative fuel technology subsidies, as he hoped to include in the stimulus, went ignored by the media and committee alike. As usual, the dissenters did their best to point out Gore’s inconsistencies. As usual, they were ignored by the media.

However, something very unusual is happening despite business-as-usual on The Hill. The American people are starting to catch on to these inconsistencies. According to new polls, those who believe this “global warming” push to be a natural phenomenon of long-term planetary trends or cycles, instead of being created by man has increased almost 10% in just a matter of months.

An interesting article came out today from the usually reliably left-leaning Dana Milbank of the Washington Post. Within it, Mr. Milbank mercilessly mocks the former Vice President, repeatedly referring to him as the “Goracle” and mocking members of the committee for fawning at his feet.

Could Al Gore be wearing out his welcome not just with the American public, but even with his once staunchest allies?

One can only hope.