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Posted by straight shooter on February 7, 2008 under Political

John McCain is running on a platform that says your jobs are not coming back, the illegals are not going home, and we are going to have more wars.

McCain’s record on a host of issues, and to most conservatives, is not a pretty sight. On many of the great issues McCain has sided as often with the Left’s socialist policies and the Big Media as he has with the Right.

  • McCain voted twice against the Bush tax cuts.
  • McCain colluded to sell out the most conservative of Bush’s judges, and in 1993, voted to confirm the pro-abortion liberal Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
  • McCain formed the “gang of 14,” seven senators from each party, when Bush set out to restore constitutionalism. All agreed to vote to block the GOP Senate from invoking the “nuclear option” – i.e., empowering the GOP to break a filibuster of judicial nominees by majority vote – unless the seven Democrats agreed.
  • McCain has a record of voting for Clinton justices and joining with Democrats anxious to kill the most conservative Bush’s nominees. Hardly a chance that a “President McCain” would nominate and fight for the fifth jurist who would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.
  • McCain colluded with liberals to pass McCain-Feingold, a law that denies to Second Amendment folks and right-to-lifers their First Amendment right to identify friends and foes of pro-life supporters in TV ads before national elections.
  • McCain condemns drilling for oil in Alaska’s ANWAR siding with the liberals, and has moved toward Gore on global warming.
  • McCain collaborated with Senate liberals in the McCain-Kennedy amnesty, which was rejected only after a national uprising, failing to do what is needed to control America’s borders and halt the invasion through Mexico.

On the two issues where Bush has been at his best, taxes and judges, McCain has sided against him. On the three issues that have ravaged the Bush presidency – the war in Iraq, the failure to secure America’s borders, and the trade policy that has destroyed the dollar, de-industrialized the country, and left foreigners with $5 trillion to buy up America – McCain has sided with Bush.

Do we really want McCain? Me thinks NOT ! It would be faintly better than Hillary and Obama. What we really need is Huckabee to drop out and endorse Romney and transfer his voters to Romney … then the conservatives need to refocus, rally around, and get off their behinds and get to the polls that remain. Then they need to come out to the November election like they never have before.