Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on February 29, 2008 under Immigration, Political

New immigration plan ignores history’s lessons.

There are times when reason ceases and the mind is carried from the rational to the absurd. That is where the leadership of the U.S. Senate now resides.

What many once regarded as the world’s great deliberative body looks more like a flea market in which senators feverishly hawk betrayal and deceit as bright jewels of public policy. Comprehensive immigration reform is just such a trinket being sold for the real thing … buyer beware!

Most sinister among those merchants of deception is none other than Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, who has been peddling his wares at the Senate flea market for more than four decades. Kennedy’s counterfeit immigration views reach all the way back to his selling of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

In signing that legislation into law, President Lyndon Johnson promised it would not be revolutionary or affect the lives of millions, even as it overturned 60 years of U.S. immigration policy of national origin quotas and led to the creation of explosive chain migration.

Twenty-one years later, President Ronald Reagan signed into law amnesty for more than three million illegal aliens who had entered the country. President Reagan then promised the new employer sanctions would “remove the incentive for illegal immigration by eliminating the job opportunities,” and that the law’s amnesty provision would allow millions who were hiding in the shadows to “step into the sunlight.” The sanctions were not imposed and the incentive was reversed.

And now, 21 years later, we hear the same trash as the pro-amnesty and open borders advocates demand that American citizens ignore history, reason and the national interest. They are again marketing the same false assurances about border enforcement and insist there will be no social or economic cost to the taxpayer or the nation. It has cost plenty … over 338 billion dollars a year. More than four decades of disruptive and destructive immigration policy initiatives should be a sufficient history lesson for all Americans.

The essential truth is clear: We cannot reform immigration law until we control immigration, and we cannot control immigration until we control our borders and our ports. This president and the congressional Democratic leadership refuse to recognize this reality and will not honor the known facts.

If we continue to follow the course they have set, true tragedy awaits us. And the fault will be ours.