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Posted by straight shooter on February 7, 2009 under General, Political

A congressional pay raise is ludicrous while jobs are being lost and cut.

While President Obama has called on Americans to make sacrifices in the way they live, members of Congress and politicians should also be making personal sacrifices and remember that they exist to serve the people.

But instead America’s leaders on Capitol Hill are living like kings and committing abuses of office.  Our government has become a culture of corruption.  Recent Democrat tax “mistakes” are just touching the surface.

Congress has once again given itself a pay raise during a time when nearly a million people have lost their homes in foreclosure and almost 40 million Americans are living under the poverty line.  People are losing their jobs daily … 600,000 in January.  The current unemployment rate is now 13.9%.  This is a 9% increase from 4.9% unemployment a year ago.  Then there are those who have a job but have taken a big pay cut so they could keep their job, or took whatever employment they could find.

The Congress currently enjoys six-figure salaries.  They acquire millions of dollars in benefits from their home offices.  They receive 32 trips home a year and we pay for the flights back and forth … when we have fax machines, the Internet and e-mail.  They get all sorts of other things as well … including free haircuts, free parking, and free limousine service.

In addition members of Congress get to participate in a generous taxpayer-funded retirement program that is not available to average Americans.  Think about it … four years in Congress and a free retirement plan for life.  These are the things they built into the system for themselves.  It is a corrupt system.  While most of us are trying to make ends meet they are bellying up to the trough.

It is high time for the American people to say enough is enough, and demand real reform in Washington.  That means RIGHT CHANGE as opposed to “real change” and business as usual.  Right change for the American people is what is necessary.

The only thing being stimulated are those being paid back for their donations and favors!