Truth is the beginning of wisdom…


Posted by straight shooter on January 19, 2009 under Political

Karl Rove was asked on Fox and Friends this morning about his memories of his first day at work in the Bush White House. He described finding some unidentifiable foul-smelling goop all over his computer keyboard. He then walked down the hall to find another staffer’s office with the desk literally turned upside-down and papers everywhere looking like a hurricane had blown through. Then there was the case of the missing “W’s” from the computer keyboards. This certainly showed the vindictiveness, childishness, irresponsibility, and lack of respect of the Clinton administration staffers … not only for the new administration that would be coming in but to the governmental system and the White House itself.

It’s amazing how quickly that was all forgotten, and how little the media made of it. Looking back for articles about it and you will find there weren’t many. Part of the reason may be that, according to Rove on Fox and Friends today, and press reports quoting Ari Fleischer at the time, the Bush White House decided not to play it up, and certainly not to seek prosecutions for the destruction of government property. President Bush didn’t have to do that but he was a bigger man than rodeo Bill Clinton and staff.

But at the request of Bob Barr, the General Accounting Office looked into the reports and found that the Clinton team did about $15,000 in damage before vacating the White House. The GAO concluded that “damage, theft, vandalism, and pranks did occur in the White House during the 2001 presidential transition.”

I doubt the Obama team has anything to worry about along those lines … the different between having integrity and not!