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Posted by straight shooter on March 12, 2008 under Political

Why would the media be asking the question: “Will Client 9 Resign?”

The inappropriately named “Mr. Clean,” New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, has earned himself a new nickname … “Client 9.” The governor received his new monogram after it was discovered that he had paid thousands of dollars to transport a prostitute across state lines for an illicit rendezvous. Of course his thoughts were totally on himself … beyond the public humiliation that this type of behavior always causes to his innocent wife and three daughters, who need our prayers at this time.

Gov. Spitzer’s alleged actions (right! … you apologize publically for something you didn’t do and assemble a legal team?) are criminal, a felony under the Mann Act, which bans the interstate transport of women for “immoral purposes.” That is what this was a federal crime (maximum 20 years to regular people), since the New York governor arranged for the prostitute’s Amtrak ticket from New York to Washington. The question I ask is, “WHY HAS HE NOT BEEN CHARGED?” … while the four other defendants have already been charged under the act last week in the sting that caught Mr. Spitzer too.

This isn’t new, it is a reoccurring event for Spitzer. There shouldn’t just be calls for Spitzer’s resignation swirling amid threats of impeachment. His position should be forfeited … instead of giving him time to make a deal after breaking a federal law. If he would have uncovered a crime like this he would have thrown the book at the “criminal.” If Mr. Spitzer has the strong ethics that he taunts he will resign … well if he had strong ethics he wouldn’t have been unfaithful to his wife and family. So much for his ethics.

Eliot Spitzer has disqualified himself to stay in office. Actually much of his political reputation of being tough was built on being a bully towards pregnancy care centers and pro-life organizations and as a champion of abortion-on-demand and NARAL.

As New York’s attorney general, prior to his election as Governor, Eliot Spitzer spent taxpayer time and treasure attacking those who aid pregnant women. Shortly after winning the governorship, he pushed for legislation that would have made abortion in New York even more pandemic while stomping on the rights of religious providers like Catholic hospitals. Much of his career has rested on vicious attacks on family values.

Additional thought … Since a key lobby group of Spitzer’s, that helped pay for his election, was the Empire State PRIDE. Since homosexuals want in on everything, maybe the Mann Act should be amended to include banning the interstate transport of men, transvestites, cross dressers, etc. for “immoral purposes?”

Bottom line … Spitzer’s so called public dedication to strong ethics was hypocritical as he had one standard for the public but something much different behind closed doors. High accountability should be demanded from all those in political office … and quick justice for criminal conduct.

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