Truth is the beginning of wisdom…

A senior policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation says the federal government shouldn’t be bailing out the public school system. It is reported that federal aid for public education could grow as much as $140 billion under a stimulus plan being crafted by the Obama administration.

But Dan Lips of The Heritage Foundation says despite state budget deficits, the burden should not be shifted to federal taxpayers. “It’s simply fiscally irresponsible to be passing this buck to Washington, especially considering the ballooning federal deficit,” he contends. “And there are alternatives that can be done.”

Lips says one of those alternatives is expanding school choice. “School-choice programs have been shown to improve efficiency and actually save states and districts money over time,” he points out.

Wouldn’t that be a great alternative to looking to Washington for a bailout?

Another alternative is for Congress to remove some of the red tape in how federal money is currently spent on education at the local level so as to free up money that is wasted on bureaucrats.

Firing the teachers who can’t teach, and actually educating the students instead of socially engineering them would be a couple of other excellent ideas. Unfortunately almost all the democrats and a number of republicans are tied up at the Teacher’s Union feeding trough.