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RINO a sign of ‘disarray’ in New York GOP

A political science professor in New York says state Republican Party leaders aren’t requiring GOP candidates to adhere to the core values the party was founded on a clear sign the party is in “disarray.”

New York Republicans have chosen liberal state Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava as their nominee for the special election to replace Army Secretary-designate John McHugh (R-New York) in the state’s 23rd congressional district. Democrats have yet to select their candidate.

Following the defeat of social conservative GOP candidate Jim Tedisco in the neighboring 20th district earlier this year, 11 New York Republican county chairmen decided to nominate a candidate in Scozzafava who supports abortion and same-sex “marriage.”

David Corbin, assistant professor of politics at The King’s College in New York City, says the Republican Party in the Empire State is searching for its identity.

“More than anything, it just shows you how much in disarray the party is in coming to grips with what the party is for,” says the educator.

“The party isn’t for the party; the party is for its principles – and unfortunately I think a lot of party chairmen get caught up in being for the party and having enough individuals who have a certain letter next to their name rather than having those letters mean anything when individuals end up serving in Congress.”

Corbin says there is very little understanding at the both the national and state levels about what exactly it means to be a Republican. He suggests that before being nominated, GOP candidates need to be asked the question: “What does it mean to you to be a Republican?” and if they don’t fit don’t run!

The first thing that needs to be understood is that the Republican party is conservative … if you can’t be don’t expect to be elected … run for the Dems or Independent!

A pro-family activist group is calling for a federal study of the health risks of homosexual conduct.

Americans for Truth about Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera tells OneNewsNow it only makes sense because the government will investigate the dangers of such habits as smoking and work to curb it. He cites information released by the Food and Drug Administration.

“[Men who have had sex with men since 1977 have] an HIV prevalence rate 60 times higher than the general population, 800 times higher than first-time blood donors, and 8,000 times higher than repeat blood donors,” LaBarbera says.

The pro-family activist also notes an increased level of STDs and hepatitis.

“The people have a right to know about the health risks of homosexual activity just like they had a right to know about the health risks of smoking,” he contends. “There was a huge effort to cover up the risks of smoking, just like there’s a massive politically correct effort today to hide the true health risks of homosexual sex – and the people have a right to know about that.”

LaBarbera especially wants to warn school children who are being taught to accept the homosexual lifestyle as normal and healthy.


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No one denies that in an affluent country such as our own, it borders on tragic that millions do not have some form of health care, some by choice and some not. I feel for those Americans. I agree that health care reform is needed badly in America, but I don’t believe the bill of goods called “universal health care” that is being pitched presently by our president contains the solution. In fact, it is bad medicine for America.

1. Universal health care is being recklessly rushed.

Just like the stimulus packages and bogus bailout baloney, Obama-care is being shoved downed America’s throat (without explanation) and propelled like a ramrod through Congress (without being totally read and examined). This Obama blitzkrieg: create crisis; crunch numbers; and cram legislation is getting old fast.

2. Universal health care clearly would drive our country dangerously deeper into debt, which is being progressively purchased by foreign powers without any concern by Washington to stop it.

Obama said in his nationally televised news conference, “Health care reform is not going to add to that deficit; it’s designed to lower it.” How can he say that when he doesn’t know the far-reaching implications of offering it across the nation? What about the countries where socialized medicine are failing their people?

The president is struggling to base his rhetoric in fiscal reality. Even according to the Congressional Budget Office, the Senate version of the health care legislation “would result in a net increase in federal deficits of about $1.0 trillion for fiscal years 2010 through 2019.” Is that what you call good fiscal responsibility within an economy and government that already is bordering on bankruptcy?  Even worse with the addition of up to 20 million illegal immigrants on this system.

3. Uuniversal health care would impersonalize health care and ration medical services.

Government takeover of health care also would allow Washington to use “comparative effectiveness research” to dictate to doctors which treatments they should prescribe and how much they should cost. That in turn would lead to rationing of health care services.

Canada and Europe already have proved that national health care translates into national nightmares, with a plethora of new government regulations and new systems of rationing medical attention. Under government-run services, personal health care would transform into more impersonal harassment. More government means more bureaucrats running our lives.

4. Universal health care ultimately would limit the competitive market of health care.

You don’t create competitive markets by creating monopolies, yet that is exactly what government-run universal health care would prevent: competition. If government should do anything, it should crack down on medical insurance monopolies. If government wants to regulate one more thing, it would be better to regulate the medical insurance companies, not the American people.

5. Universal health care ultimately would transform legislators into quasi health care practitioners.

With government-sanctioned universal health care, legislators would become quasi medical practitioners because they would lead and guide the government-controlled medical boards, personnel and policies that would oversee the program. That would include abortive and end-of-life counsel and services. Federal politicians would rely upon relatively few chief physicians (appointed mostly by them), who in turn would oversee and implement the medical policies and procedures that they felt were best for the country. American choice and freedom would be passé.

6. Universal health care would increase big government, and America would continue toward socialism.

The nanny state is not our solution to better health. Our government already provides two medical coverage programs: Medicare (for senior citizens) and Medicaid (for low-income citizens). The president mentioned in his speech last week that those two programs are the greatest contributors to our skyrocketing deficit. So why not reform, improve and enhance those programs rather than create a third (or fourth or fifth) government medical bureaucracy called “universal health care”?

What is needed in Washington is a truly bipartisan group that is allowed an ample amount of time to work on a compromise health care program that wouldn’t raise taxes (for anyone), nor regulate personal medical choices or ration health care.

Don’t wait for Washington! Go to to learn more about how you and your local community can reform health care and keep your options for doctors and medical care. And mostly, go to the Web site of Dr. Betsy McCaughey at She is a health policy expert and former lieutenant governor of New York and actually has read the entire Senate bill on universal health care. She is disclosing many hidden details within it that are not being discussed with the American public.


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Home Depot is helping to introduce children to the homosexual lifestyle.

The Nashville Gay Pride website notes that Home Depot contributed more than $5,000 to help finance the 2009 festival. The retailer also participated by conducting children’s craft workshops at a special booth set up for them. The company has sponsored similar children’s venues at pro-homosexual events in Atlanta, Kansas City, Durham, Portland, and San Diego.

Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel tells us the home improvement store is facilitating the exposure of children to sinful behavior.

“Out of some kind of notion of political correctness and being tolerant, Home Depot is contributing to all of this,” he notes. “They’re contributing to the corruption of children, and they need to answer for that.”

Many parents are already outraged and are taking action, according to Barber. “I would tell parents to go tell Home Depot that they don’t appreciate it and that if they continue it, they’re going to take their business elsewhere,” he adds.

Barber says that will help drive a message home to company officials that in the interest of political correctness, they are driving away business and alienating a large percentage of their customer base who do not appreciate children being exposed to debauchery.

Other corporate sponsors of the Nashville event included Southwest Airlines and Bridgestone Tires.

For me, Lowes, other airlines and Michelin is where I will be supporting at this time.

The ranking Republican on the House Subcommittee on Immigration says Democrats have refused to pass an amendment that would prevent illegal aliens from being covered in the Obama healthcare plan.

Democrats recently defeated a Republican-backed amendment offered by Rep. Dean Heller (R-Nevada) that would have prevented illegal immigrants from receiving government-subsidized healthcare under the proposed plan backed by House Democrats and President Obama.

Congressman Steve King (R-Iowa), the ranking member on the House Immigration Subcommittee, finds it outrageous that Democrats want to force hardworking Americans to foot the healthcare bill for those who are in the country illegally, complete with all the pre-existing conditions that would require treatment.

“The Democrats will not even allow an amendment to be debated on the subject matter. They have shut down the debate process here, and they have pushed any discussion – however minimal it is – up to the secret room up in the Rules Committee. They’re not going to debate it,” he points out. “They are determined to fund health insurance and healthcare for illegals – and the number turns out to be 5.6 million that would be insured under this bill. [Those are] Congressional Budget Office numbers.” That is even a low ball estimate as it is pushing 20 million from other reports.


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Despite the questionable impact of the first stimulus package, there is actually discussion of a second stimulus package. So far, the states have spent roughly 10% of the $787 billion package, but it has yet to register on the “recovery” radar. In fact, the only thing that seems to have changed is the unemployment rate – and not in the direction the President had hoped.

Given where the money’s been directed, maybe none of us should be surprised. Mark Kelly of the Heritage Foundation did some digging on where the House Speaker funneled her District’s dollars, and the list of projects is enough to send taxpayers through the roof. Let me put it this way: Nancy Pelosi is trying to stimulate a lot more than San Francisco’s economy. While the average American is worried about losing his shirt, Congress is funding actors who aren’t wearing any!

According to Kelly, $50,000 was sent to an initiative called CounterPulse in San Francisco that just sponsored a “Perverts [Sleep Around]” event on July 25, urging people to “Join your fellow pervs for some explicit, twisted fun!” Another $50,000 went directly to an entertainment group called Frameline that concentrates on promoting the “lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender community” in the arts.

Over at “San Francisco Cinematheque,” organizers raked in $25,000 to promote documentaries like “Thundercrack,” of which a reviewer writes, “Witness if you dare, the world’s only underground kinky art porno horror film, complete with four men, three women and a gorilla.” A company called Jess Curtis/Gravity, Inc. will receive $25,000, presumably to help boost their Symmetry Project, which features nude couples in compromising positions.

Other programs are too crude and embarrassing to even mention. But shouldn’t that say something to the third most powerful leader in America? If these projects are too obscene to talk about, what business does the U.S. government have funding them? This isn’t just waste – It’s reckless, indecent garbage sponsored by Congress and paid for by you. If these are the priorities of America’s new leadership, then we should definitely get a second opinion on their vision for an issue as significant as health care. For more on Pelosi’s “waste” line, visit Mark’s blog at