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If Republicans don’t know what the conservatives want it is because they are left of center, just not quite as far as the Democrats … how far tuned-out they are from the people.  We want human life to be protected, smaller government, honest government, accountable government, government for the people, no pork earmarks, less taxes, energy reform utilizing our own resources, health reform without nationalized health care, immigration reform, educational choice, strong military defense, secure borders, business to return, private companies and banks not to be bailed out with taxpayer dollars (if they mismanage they go bankrupt with no special privileges), a judiciary that represents the constitution not interprets it, a judiciary that does not make its own laws … do you get the picture?

Check out what Huckabee wrote:

Leaders Shouldn’t Have to Form a Listening Tour

Monday , May 11, 2009

By Mike Huckabee

A new group was recently formed that is calling itself a group of experts for the purpose of making the Republican Party attractive to voters again. The strategy is supposedly to go on a listening tour so they can talk to the American people and hear what people are concerned about.

It’s hard to keep from laughing out loud when people living in the bubble of the Beltway suddenly wake up one day and think they ought to have a listening tour; even funnier when their first earful expedition takes them all the way to the suburbs of Washington, D.C.

If some of these leaders had been listening already, they wouldn’t need to form a group to start listening now. Some of the ones who have decided to start listening sure weren’t listening last fall when they were supporting the TARP bailout bill that pretty much discredited any semblance of conservative conviction.

It’s also sad when Jeb Bush suggested that we need to “get past Reagan” and the group indicated that it doesn’t plan to listen much to the Republicans who became Republicans because they believe in the sanctity of life, traditional marriage and express support for the Second Amendment. Most of us thought the party was pretty strong under Reagan and appreciated that he wasn’t ashamed of God and didn’t seem embarrassed of his respect for human life at all stages.

In my book, “Do the Right Thing,” I dedicate an entire chapter called “Politically Homeless” to the unfortunate attitude between some in the party who treat values voters as if they were embarrassing distant cousins who are allowed to come to the family gatherings a couple of times a year, but aren’t expected to be seen beyond that. Values voters are conservative on social issues, and economic ones as well.

For those on the listening tour, listen to this: If the party elite want to abandon principled leadership to protect life, support traditional marriage while going along with deficit exploding spending, interference and micro-managing of private business and failing to police corruption and govern competently, then hearing aids or a panel of experts won’t help.

Here’s a better idea: Go to a little diner somewhere, but not in an announced listening tour. Just order the cheeseburger and talk to the person who serves your order. Have a conversation with the guy who lifts your bag at the airport or checks you in at the hotel. If you see a guy working on a construction project, wait until his break and ask him a few questions. You’ll have plenty to listen to and won’t even have to take a tour.

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Why They Can’t Coexist

As more state courts write law to approve same-sex “marriage,” conservatives are claiming that freedom of religion is in peril.  Same-sex “marriage” supporters accuse them of hysterical gay-bating.  Who’s telling the truth?

Here, read some reports produced by National Public Radio.  Then you decide.

Two women decided to hold their civil union ceremony at a New Jersey pavilion owned by the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association.  This Methodist group told the women they could not “marry” in any building used for religious purposes.  Rev. Scott Hoffman said a theological principle – that marriage can only exist between one man and one woman – was at stake.  So the women filed a discrimination complaint with the New Jersey Division of Civil Rights.  The Methodists said the First Amendment protected their right to practice their faith without being punished by the government.  But punish the Methodists is exactly what New Jersey did.  It revoked their tax exemption – a move that cost them $20,000.

Then there’s the case of the Christian physicians who refused to provide in vitro fertilization treatment to a woman in a lesbian relationship.  The doctors referred her to their partners, who were willing to provide the treatment.  But that wasn’t good enough.  The woman sued.  The California Supreme Court agreed with the woman, saying that the doctors’ religious beliefs didn’t give them the right to refuse the controversial treatment.

In Massachusetts, Catholic Charities was told they had to accept homosexual couples in their adoption service, or get out of the adoption business.  They chose correctly and no longer offer adoption services.

In Mississippi, a mental health counselor was sued for refusing to provide therapy to a woman looking to improve her lesbian relationship.  The counselor’s employers fired her – a move that was backed up by the U.S. Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

In New York, the Albert Einstein College of Medicine at Yeshiva University refused to allow same-sex couples to live in married student housing as in keeping with the school’s orthodox Jewish teachings.  But in 2001, the New York State Supreme Court forced them to do so anyway – even though New York has no same-sex “marriage” law.

In Albuquerque, a same-sex couple asked a Christian wedding photographer to film their commitment ceremony – and sued the photographer when she declined.

An online adoption service was forced to stop doing business in California when a same-sex couple sued the service for refusing, on religious grounds, to assist them.

Convinced?  There are many more.

Clearly, homosexual “marriage” and religious liberty cannot co-exist – because gay activists will not allow them to.  As marriage expert Maggie Gallagher puts it, same-sex “marriage” advocates claim that religious faith “itself is a form of bigotry.”

Who really are the bigots?  The homosexuals are!