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A Barna study (9/24/07) shows 16-to-29 year-olds are more critical toward Christianity than previous generations were at the same life stage. While Christianity remains the typical experience and most common faith in America, a fundamental recalibration is occurring within the spiritual allegiance of America’s upcoming generations.

We best not forget that imbedded in these conclusions are four deceptions that have been spread by MMD’s (Media of Mass Deception) for some 50 years.

1. Present-day Christianity is judgmental. We’ve been taught by the MMD to be “tolerant” – that is accepting of all religions, viewpoints, and versions of morality. Any Christian that stands on the Scriptures – even when it clearly calls for us to be “salt” in the culture (preserving biblical principles and calling “sin” sin) is intolerant. Fifty years ago a Christian that stood for biblical principles would have been called courageous – today they are called a bigot.

2. The MMD loves to ignore the vast number of testimonies, stories, and literature about how Christians have helped turned countless social, governmental, and cultural travesties into triumphs for the betterment of mankind. Look back to the end of slavery in any country and you will see a Christian leading the charge. Find an effort to end persecution, despotism, genocide, mistreatment of women, or suffering children in any stage of recent history and you find Christians working in the midst of the struggle. Yet the MMD refuses to publish those stories. Instead, they pick the isolated incidents of hypocritical Christians and use those unfortunate occurrences to paint a picture of the entire Christian population, and it has apparently worked.

3. Since when did having a peaceful, just, moral, society become old-fashioned? Since when did telling the truth become out-of-touch? Since the MMD made it fashionable to promote sin, violence, and hedonism.

4. Too involved in politics – I find this perception troubling as well. If the young person in America does not understand the necessary role of a Christian to be involved in his/her government, we have some educating to do. This perception is the result of the MMD’s successful campaign to convince Americans of the so-called separation of church and state – a myth created by the MMD to remove Christians from being spheres of influence.

I don’t think Christians are involved enough in politics. If, as research indicates, some 90% of Americas believe in God and some 80% believe in the resurrection of Christ, it would appear the majority SHOULD rule in politics. Yet the Church is strangely silent and, as such, has allowed these unfortunate conclusions to be drawn among our young people. Being a Christian carries with it a civil responsibility to be involved in all aspects of life – not just Sunday morning.

I hope this research is a wake-up call to the Christian. It is an irrefutable fact the MMD has, for 50 years, been spreading lies about our God, our country, our heritage, and our values. This research indicates those lies are having an effect. We need to be strong and courageous – fifty years of deception CAN be reversed. And the positive impact on our culture will result in saved souls and transformed lives transformed. New media breakthroughs and availability will help to turn the tide. People are tired of the predictable liberal bias in everything.

Global Warming Deaths on the Rise! Surely they are not already claiming large scale death due to alleged warming climates. I thought they would at least wait until it “happened.” But then I read on….

“About 160,000 people die every year from side effects of global warming ranging from malaria to malnutrition, a group of WHO scientists said Tuesday. What’s more, they projected the “disease burden caused by climate change could almost double by 2020.”

160,000 deaths year, huh? Every year? Which year? Who was the first guy to die? And wow, how many years has THIS been occurring?!

This is exactly the kind of “study” that makes for big headlines. Death and destruction on the rise, backed by “credible” science. It’s enough to make me run for cover under the Kyote treaty. Or so they hope.

WHO (World Health Organization) is at it once again … just about as useless as the United Nations. They are spreading junk science in the form of a press release. How did WHO make this calculation? Patrick J. Michaels from the CATO Institute sheds some light on it: Michaels explains how many of these “global warming deaths” that had “occurred” in Europe in 2003 when France and neighboring countries shut down in August to vacation. Hospitals were understaffed and broken air conditioners went unfixed. In France alone, 15,000 senior citizens died from neglect, not global warming! These people might have lived if it hadn’t been for negligence … turn on the a/c and cool it down!

The people at WHO also included death by tornado, hurricane, flood, and climate related disease. But it makes you wonder how many weather-related deaths would occur annually even at temperatures in, for example, 1990? The Great Hurricane of 1780 killed 20,000 people in the Caribbean. Did that count? And aren’t there many other factors to consider? Surely lots of people died of heat stroke in pre-air conditioning days. It seems possible, even likely, that the advent of air conditioners have substantially reduced death due to weather.

Maybe WHO should converse with the folks at the American Journal of Epidemiology who recently documented that in “hot weather, the death rate for persons who had central air-conditioning was 42% lower than the rate for persons who did not have air-conditioning …”

More junk science!


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Taxpayer Funded Porn Guide

As if parents did not have enough to contend with in protecting their children from the evils for pornography, they now have to face government-funded projects.

Unfortunately, that’s the “net” effect of Planned Parenthood’s online venture, The site, which is so offensive that FRC’s Internet filter blocked it, was supposedly created as a resource for kids seeking “medically accurate” information.

According to the nation’s biggest abortion merchant, that information now includes normalizing pornography. Although Planned Parenthood is careful to state that it’s illegal to ply children under 18 with sexually explicit images, that doesn’t stop its “advice columnists” from telling kids that “many people use pornography as part of sex play.”

On the “Ask the Experts” page, one young visitor says, “I look at porno sites… but people say looking at those sites affects your school work… Should I stop it? If I should, how?” An “expert” responds, “There is no correlation between using pornography and getting bad grades in school.” Among other things, kids are encouraged to play games about issues from bisexuality to birth control. Another page gives teens the lowdown on having an abortion without their parents’ consent. To teens struggling with homosexuality, Planned Parenthood says, “Having sex with girls and boys is normal and healthy.” With over $300 million in taxpayer funds, the organization has the U.S. government to thank for helping to promote these messages. Contact your leaders and urge them to support Rep. Mike Pence and Sen. David Vitter’s bills to zero out funding for groups like Planned Parenthood – IF NOT SOON Title X programs will soon mean XXX programs!


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Obama: More Taxes, Rights for bin Laden
Wednesday, February 27, 2008 9:12 AM
Ronald Kessler

Two events made Condoleezza Rice switch from being a registered Democrat to a Republican.

The first was when she watched the 1984 Democratic National Convention that nominated Walter Mondale for president. Rice, who grew up during segregation, was turned off by an endless refrain of appeals to “women, minorities, and the poor, which basically means helpless people and the poor,” she has said. Rice decided she would “rather be ignored than patronized.”

The second event was Jimmy Carter’s professed shock at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan, demonstrating naivete and spotlighting his feeble approach to national security. The spectacle sickened her.

Substitute the name Barack Obama for Walter Mondale and Jimmy Carter and you have a good summation of this presidential candidate’s approach.

To be sure, Obama is a master at seeming to appeal to all sides. But his voting record makes it clear he is a doctrinaire liberal who sees minorities as victims and the government as the solution to all problems – except when it comes to protecting us from terrorist attacks.

According to the National Taxpayers Union, Obama has proposed at least $287 billion a year in new government spending. That does not include his more recent $150 billion “green energy plan.” He also co-sponsored a Senate bill to spend at least $845 billion a year to fight global poverty.

Obama would pay for these increases with much higher taxes, including by allowing the Bush tax cuts to expire in 2010.

Americans for Tax Reform gives him a lifetime rating of 7.5, compared with 82.7 for John McCain. Indeed, the National Journal has ranked Obama the most liberal senator for 2007.

“He’s a bleeding heart liberal, but he’s smart enough not to put it in people’s face right now,” says Republican Illinois State Sen. Bill Brady, who worked with Obama in the Illinois State Senate and calls him that body’s most liberal member.

When speaking out against tax cuts, Obama has likened the Ownership Society, which includes such measures as personal Social Security accounts, health savings accounts, incentives to expand home ownership, and tax cuts to encourage growth of small businesses, to “social Darwinism.”

Speaking to the National Women’s Law Center in November 2005, Obama said, “The idea here is to give everyone one big refund on their government – divvy it up into some tax breaks, hand them out, and encourage everyone to use their share to go buy their own healthcare, their own retirement plan, their own unemployment insurance, education, and so forth.”

In Washington, he said, “They call this the Ownership Society. But in our past, there has been another term for it – social Darwinism, every man and woman for him or herself.”

In other words, instead of helping people to help themselves and grow the economy at the same time, Obama’s approach would keep them dependent on government handouts, encouraging them to think of themselves as victims. When it comes to keeping America strong against terrorist threats, it’s quite a different story.

Like a 6-year-old kid who wants to be friends with everyone on the block, Obama has said he would offer prompt negotiations with anti-American despots. More frightening, Obama voted last August to give Osama bin Laden and other terrorists the same rights as Americans when it comes to intercepting their overseas calls in order to pick up clues needed to stop another attack.

Obama recently avoided voting on extending the Protect America Act, thus putting America at risk when immediate interception of terrorist communications is required.

Obama would withdraw immediately from Iraq, leaving that country to morph into a haven for al-Qaida and a staging ground for attacks on America.

While Obama has portrayed himself as a candidate for all Americans, his closeness to his minister, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, tells a different story. For more than two decades, Wright has been Obama’s friend and sounding board, a man he consults before making important decisions like whether to run for president.

In December, Wright praised Louis Farrakhan as a man who epitomizes greatness. Farrakhan has blamed blacks’ troubles on Jews, America, and whites, whom he calls “blue-eyed devils.”

Obama’s Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago espouses what it calls the Black Value System. While the Black Value System encourages commitment to God, education, and self-discipline, it refers to “our racist competitive society” and includes the disavowal of the pursuit of “middle-classness” and a pledge of allegiance to “all black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System.”

The Black Value System defines “middle-classness” as a way for American society to “snare” blacks rather than “killing them off directly” or “placing them in concentration camps,” just as the country structures “an economic environment that induces captive youth to fill the jails and prisons.”

Contrary to Obama’s portrayal of himself as a unifier, on every bipartisan effort in the Senate to forge compromises on tough issues, Obama has been missing in action.

In sum, Barack Obama’s voting record, the comments of his close friend and sounding board, and his own statements suggest that the dazzling orator from Illinois represents everything that Condoleezza Rice rejected about the Democratic Party.

If Obama is his party’s nominee, we will all applaud the symbolism of a black man achieving so much. But if they are aware of his radical agenda, it’s doubtful most Americans will buy entrusting the country’s future to him.

Faced with a press that adores Obama, the question will be whether Republicans can portray the stark difference between the man and the myth.

Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of